Facebook Viral Invite PlanSo you just started a brand new Facebook page, and you want to know how to grow your Facebook page fast.

Or, maybe you’ve had a lackluster Facebook presence for several months or years…

And you’re just looking for a way to get more likes on your Facebook page.

Today, we’re going to show you how to get a massive number of organic Facebook page likes in a short amount of time without spending a dime on paid placement.

This plan utilizes an overlooked feature of Facebook that has tremendous power. If you tap into this power, you will literally watch your follower count grow by dozens or hundreds per day.

This really works!

We’ve used this simple Facebook growth plan with multiple clients. Check out the results…

EXAMPLE #1 – Roofing Life

Before November 2015, Roofing Life had no website, no Facebook page and no following on social media. By implementing this simple plan, they grew their Facebook following from zero to 1,076 likes in just 2 weeks.

Nov 11, 2015 (0 Likes)

Nov 25, 2015 (1,076 Likes)

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EXAMPLE #2 – Big Action Plans

Big Action Plans grew to 1,051 Facebook followers in 14 days, using the exact same plan we’ll share below.

Mar 22, 2016 (0 Likes)

Apr 5, 2016 (1,051 Likes)

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EXAMPLE #3 – The GoBoat

The GoBoat launched a brand new consumer product in April 2016. As part of an aggressive startup marketing plan, we implemented a social media strategy to build significant momentum for the product launch. Although, they gained paid likes later in the campaign, the first 1,076 page likes were accumulated organically in just 4 days.

Apr 26, 2016 (0 Likes)

May 8, 2016 (3,267 Likes)

Grow your Facebook following

Are you a DIY marketer? No problem. This plan is easy to implement for nearly any business.

We show you exactly how to get free Facebook likes for your page.

That’s the beauty of this plan. With it, you will:

  1. Build a following of people right in your target market and demographic
  2. Grow your followers organically without spending a dime on Facebook advertising
  3. Lay the foundation for a more engaged Facebook fan base
  4. Build a tribe of people who want to help spread your marketing message

This plan harnesses the power of pure word-of-mouth (and a built-in Facebook tool) to get your message across.

Your job is simply to light the fire.

Get followers on facebook free

Enjoy using this plan. After you’ve had some success, please share your results in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

So here it is…

The “Viral Invite Plan” for Fast Facebook Growth

Purpose – The purpose of the “Viral Invite Plan” is to organically build a following on Facebook through friends of friends, using the “Invite friends to like this Page” link.

The result will be a more highly engaged fan base consisting of people who have a personal connection to you, your friends and your business.

Before you get started, keep this in mind. The Viral Invite Plan works best when you commit to a fast, short-term goal.

To increase your Facebook likes – by a certain number in a certain number of days.

And you rally some of your closest friends and associates to join the momentum of reaching the goal.

Ambitious goals like this can help generate excitement:

“Help me add 1,000 new Facebook followers in the next 2 weeks.”


“Help me reach 500 Facebook followers in my first week of business.”

Keep the original time frame for your goal short. 1-2 Weeks works best and helps you avoid a “fall-off” of enthusiasm.

After the initial push, then you can work pieces of the Viral Invite Plan into your ongoing social media strategy to continue growing your following. (We’ll talk about that at the end of the post.)

STEP 1 – Assemble the troops

For the Viral Invite Plan to work, you need to start with a short list of people who like you or cheer you on in business (or life).

  1. Make a list of anyone who supports you in your business. These are some of your closest friends, family, and acquaintances who have accounts on Facebook. The goal is to make a list of people willing to do a small favor for you
  2. Pay close attention to people with large social media influence and following. Nurture these relationships
  3. Have each of your employees or team members make their own list of friends, family, and acquaintances. A good goal is to have them each assemble a list of 5 people willing to do a small favor

Examples of these people may include – your close friends, your spouse, siblings, neighbors, vendor salespeople, clients, or other business associates.

STEP 2 – Invite your friends (round one)

This section explains the nuts and bolts of the Viral Invite Plan in detail. It’s simple, but very powerful. We describe exactly how to invite friends to like a page on Facebook. Here’s what you do:

  1. Navigate to your Facebook company page
  2. Locate the link which says, “Invite your friends to like this Page.” It may also simply be labeled “Invite friends”
  3. Click the link, and invite all of your friends to like the page. Hint – on a desktop, you can “Select All” of your friends at once
  4. Ask each of your employees, team members do the same thing. Ask them to “Select All” as well

NOTE: After inviting your friends to like the page, each of them will receive a simple notification saying, “Your Name has invited you to like Your Company Name”. The notification is unobtrusive, so it will not annoy people.

Invite your friends to like your page

Select All saves you a lot of time and gets a lot more likes.

STEP 3 – Post Facebook page link onto personal profile

Making a post like this to your personal profile amplifies the power of your original invite by reminding your friends that you had sent an earlier invite.

And as a BONUS, this profile post places a page “Like” button directly on the post…

So friends can like your page without even leaving their news feed or your profile. So do this next:

  1. Copy the link to your Facebook page, like this https://www.facebook.com/bigactionplans/
  2. Post this link onto your personal profile with a message like this – “Please like my new Facebook page, because we help ______ with _______.” An example would be, “Please like my new Facebook page, because we help business owners grow companies.”
  3. Ask each of your employees, team members to do the same

STEP 4 – Deploy your army

This is how the Viral Invite Plan begins to yield big growth for your Facebook following generating page likes from people outside your direct list of friends.

OPTION 1 – Send a text and call people on your list (created in Step 1)

  1. Send a text message that says, “Hey Joe, would you help me with a small favor?”
  2. Tell them you’re starting/promoting your business hard on Facebook, and you are trying to add 1,000 followers in 2 weeks
  3. They will usually say yes. Say, “it would help me a bunch if you would invite your friends to like my page. It’s easy to do, and I can show you how.”
  4. Say, “there is a link on my Facebook page that say ‘Invite friends to like this page.’ Just and click on that and invite all of your friends to like my page. If you do it from your computer, there is a Select All option to invite everybody at once.”
  5. Call them to explain in detail if they don’t understand and thank them

OPTION 2 – Send an email to your list. The email should say something along these lines:

Hey Russ,

I hope all is well with you.

I’d like to ask you for a small favor. I’m trying to reach (add) 1,000 followers on Facebook within 2 weeks, and I need some help to get over the hump.

Please visit my Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/bigactionplans/ – and click on the link that says “invite friends to like this page.” Use that link to invite all of your friends to like the page. If you do this from a desktop there’s a Select All option to invite everybody at once.

Thank you a bunch. Let me know if you have any questions.

I really appreciate your help,


OPTION 3 – Message people on your list through Facebook with a similar message as above. Be appreciative

Employees, team members can change up the messaging slightly, similar to this, “hey, can you do me a favor to help me out at work?”

NEED HELP ASKING FOR A FAVOR? Read this – http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/270210

Step 5 – The thankful invite (round two)

This step in the Viral Invite Plan keeps the momentum and excitement moving for your plan. Keep going to get more likes on your Facebook page.

  1. 24 to 48 hours after your original invitation, post a thank you message on your personal profile with a message along the lines of this:

I’d like to thank everyone who has liked my Facebook page so far. The response has been phenomenal. I appreciate you all. If you haven’t liked our page yet, I would love to have your support, because we are so close to reaching our original goal of 1,000 followers in 2 weeks. Please help us get there by liking our page – https://www.facebook.com/bigactionplans/.

  1. Ask your closest employees, team members to do the same

Step 6 – During the second week

The second week of the Viral Invite Plan offers an opportunity to follow-up with people you may have missed and to keep building the snowball.

  1. At the beginning of the second week, make a post to your Facebook company page thanking your new followers and inviting them to use the “invite your friends” link
  2. Follow-up with people from your list. Try to reach them by different means if the first approach did not work. Don’t hold back here. In sales, it’s been shown that 80% of sales require more than 5 follow-ups. Not that you want to be a pest, but follow-up will get some people who may have been too busy at first to do it
  3. Reach out to more people. Consider reaching out directly to some of your key new followers. If they seem engaged, you might consider a personal message through Facebook asking them to invite their friends too
  4. Stay persistent with this plan, and it will work. This plan is a numbers game. Cumulative, you may need 30-60 people to use the “Invite” link, depending on how many friends each has

Step 7 – After the campaign

  1. Handwritten notes to each of your inviters would be a very nice and well-deserved gesture
  2. After the campaign, consider a strategy to work the “invite all” tool into ongoing marketing actions
  3. Examples of ongoing use for the Viral Invite Plan:
    • Ask new customers to invite friends if they have been pleased with your service
    • Ask event attendees to invite friends to enter a giveaway contest
    • Ask new employees to invite friends as part of the onboarding process when joining your company
    • Trade invite friend actions with business associates as a way to help each other out
    • Get creative, and keep the momentum going

Consistently adding new Facebook page followers should part of your overall approach to managing your Facebook business page.

Growth keeps your page engagement numbers high and improves post rankings in Facebook. It also provides a steady stream of potential customers or people who can refer you to their friends when the time is right

Now It’s Your Turn – To Grow Your Facebook Page

Use the Viral Invite Plan this week to grow your following!

Let us know your results in the comments below. If you have any other ideas about how to get more likes on a Facebook page, we’d love to hear them too.  😉

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