If you recently got a job offer from Light Media Allies (lightmedia.biz), be warned that you may be scammed!

Other brand names associated with this group may be:

  • Light Media Ltd
  • Bright Media Allies
  • Bright Media Ltd
  • Bright Media Biz

Are you looking for job or career reviews about Light Media Allies…

To see what it’s like to work for them.

According to this report about Light Media Allies, one individual who was “hired” by the company described what could only be described as an elaborate identity theft, bank fraud scam.

And according to another former employee of Bright Media / Light Media Allies, this individual had been hired and then used as part of the bank fraud scam.

At one time, according to their website, they list offices in Toronto, Paris and Hong Kong.

Why are we sharing this information?

Sometime around March 2020, it was brought to our attention that a website called bright-media.biz had been using screenshots of websites created by Visigility to market their business.

They were displaying work produced by Visigility as their own under the “Our Work” sections of their website.

In essence, they had stolen our images to say that our work was done by their company. This was news to us. Bad news.

This was a problem for our company, not only that they had stolen images of our work…

But when some of their job applicants looked deeper at the work claimed in their portfolio, they assumed that Visigility was associated with Bright media in some fashion.

Following the initial discovery, Visigility filed a successful DMCA Takedown Notice with the hosting company that was associated with Bright Media.

DMCA Takedown Notice

To be clear, Visigility is not associated with Light Media, Bright Media or Bright Media Allies Company Limited in any fashion.

Following the DMCA Takedown Notice, they removed our content from their website. At some point, they rebranded as Light Media.

If you are considering a Light Media job offer, Bright Media job offer or are searching for Bright Allies Company Limited Reviews or Bright Media Biz Reviews, be advised.

Please do not contact our company to ask for further information about any of these groups. We don’t know anything beyond what is shared above.

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