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27 Web Design Tips (That Inspire Action)

This post is part of our OWNER'S MANUAL for DIGITAL MARKETING series - a guide for small business. Today you're going to learn web design tips to help you grow business in 2017 and beyond. Your website. It is hands-down... the most powerful tool in your digital...

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Crush Your Fears With Action

Business is tough. But you are tougher! Leave doubt, worry, inadequacy, and fear of the unknown behind. Action kills it every time. Whenever we are starting something new or "thinking" about taking things to the next level, our minds have a way of working against us...

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Some Called This Man a Failure

Born in 1875, he began building his retail business at the age of 27. Through hard work, courage, and commitment, he became massively successful, where, by age 46, he owned several properties including a 120,000 acre estate in Florida. His business expanded across the...

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Owner's Manual for Digital Marketing
Russell Frazier

About Russell Frazier

He's helped hundreds of startups launch new brands. Russell is a digital marketing strategist, laser focused on building business online. He holds a B.A. in Marketing from Buena Vista University & manages a marketing agency in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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