What is SEO?

And How it Works to Grow Business

You hear people talking about how SEO can help your business, but you’re thinking… “What is SEO?”

If you run a small or mid-size business, your primary concern may be…

How do I get more customers?

You would not be alone, as 66% of small business owners cite this as a top concern.

Google Search Engine RankingsAlong these lines, you may wonder..

“How do I make sure prospective clients can find me online?”


“Why are my competitors outranking me, when I do a much better job, am a bigger company, have more history, etc?”

Visigility is a digital marketing agency and SEO company, delivering advanced SEO results to small businesses.

We can answer these questions for you and create a plan of action to get your website ranked on the first page of Google.

We love helping local companies with powerful (and proven) SEO and web development services.

Local search engine optimization services delivered by Visigility increase rankings for your website, so you can get found on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other places customers are searching online. Jump right to SEO package pricing.

What Exactly is SEO?

Google First PageSEO helps companies get “free” traffic to their websites as visitors click on the “natural” organic search engine listings for websites, videos or local listings that show up in the pages of Google.

What does SEO stand for? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

Google (and other search engines) have developed complex algorithms designed to deliver the absolute best results to match each searcher’s intent.

Search Engine Optimization (as a service) is comprised of a set of best practices used in website design, along with a collection of content writing and marketing tactics used to “optimize” your website’s chances of showing up in the first page of Google search results.

What is Perfect SEO?

Perfect SEO gives search engines exactly what they need to understand the subject matter of your website, while giving website visitors exactly what they want in terms of information and content.

Although some keyword rankings occur naturally after building a new website… consistent SEO efforts are required to make big gains.

To jump multiple pages in ranking or to boost your website into the top 5 spots in Google, you need an SEO expert on your team.

What Does an SEO Company Do?

An SEO company helps your business grow its Google rankings through a series of search engine optimization practices.

The best SEO companies will meet with you in person to discuss your business and learn about your goals – what products or services you offer, what your competitive advantages are, what your expertise or experience is, etc.

They will conduct an SEO audit to uncover opportunities for improvement on your website, looking at things like meta tags, word count, alt image tags, keyword placement, headings, links and other factors that affect how well your website is optimized for search.

They will conduct indepth keyword research on your behalf to discover what words people are typing into the search engines to find companies like yours.

A professional SEO company will put an SEO plan of action in place that optimizes the pages of your website by editing and refining text to be more search engine friendly for your target keywords. They will also create new high-quality content for your website and build links to your website.

The best SEO companies are very well-versed in web design and marketing, offering not only technical onsite SEO skills but also marketing and branding skills that will represent your company well in the marketplace.

How SEO Works to Grow Business

We’ve answered the question – “what is SEO” – but how exactly does it help your business?

As your website ranks higher in the search engines, you will get more traffic… which (usually) leads to more paying customers for your business.

SEO helps you get more customers and increase sales.

You may be surprised to learn….

…that 96% of all Google traffic goes to websites on the first page of Google.

And if you’re on the 2nd page or beyond, you’re missing out on a boat load of traffic currently going to your competitors.

Second Page of Google

Page one of Google offers a steady stream of free traffic – for companies who are able to get there.

If you’ve ever wondered if SEO is worth it… just think about your own habits when searching for products and services online.

Chances are:

You search Google and visit the top web pages listed on page one. (And if you’re like many people) you skip right over the ads and look for the companies that “earned” their way onto page one.

Does that sound about right?

But beyond our personal searching habits, we can look to hard data to see if SEO is really worth it.

We did that.

And we compared SEO to PPC (paid ads) to determine the potential return-on-investment for SEO. Check out our big SEO ROI study here.

You’ll see that the ROI of SEO is very high compared to other internet marketing strategies, like PPC, Social Media Marketing, Banner Advertising, etc.

Here’s another surprising SEO fact:

The number one result in Google gets clicked 26% of the time.

Here’s a chart that shows the click-through rate for each of the top 21 positions in Google. Click-through rate is the percentage of time a link gets clicked divided by how often the link is seen.

First Page of Google Statistics

While the top position on page one enjoys a 26% click-through rate…

…the top position on page two has a click-through rate of just 1%.

You can see why the top 5 spots in Google are such coveted positions.

An SEO Case Study – 973% Traffic Increase

FenceTrac - Tulsa SEO ClientFenceTrac – a Tulsa manufacturing company – is a Visigility SEO and web design client.

In 2017, we built a new website for FenceTrac to replace an outdated website that no longer served the goals of the company.

Early in 2018, Visigility began working with FenceTrac on an SEO content marketing campaign to generate more website traffic and more leads for the business.

For the SEO campaign, we focused on creating high-quality content that people were interested in, followed up by link-building and other content promotion strategies.

This work has resulted in big traffic gains and lots of interest in their product.

Check out website traffic results just 3 months into their SEO campaign.

Tulsa SEO Results

Organic website traffic in May increased 973% over February!

That’s a huge increase in a short amount of time.

This has also corresponded with an equivalent increase in “Requests for Quote” from interested buyers all over the country.

Owner Brett Richison credits much of this year’s company growth to the new website and the content marketing campaign that’s driving significant increases in website traffic saying…

“2018 is shaping up to be a record year for FenceTrac. We are on target to grow revenue by 50% or more with exposure to customers all over the US and Canada. We could not have done that without the SEO campaign.”

How Do Search Engines Work

SEO Can Be Huge For Business

Let’s say – for instance:

Your company is in an industry that gets 3,000 searches per month for a certain service that you offer.

If you are ranked #1 in Google, you could potentially get 780 more visitors coming to your website each and every month. That kind of boost in website traffic normally translates to a boost in customers and revenue for your company.

Web Design Wake-up Call:  If increased website traffic is not generating a good number of new customers, you may need to make some changes to your website design or content.

You might be wondering…

Is it even possible for your website to get on the first page of Google? Maybe you just finished a web design project, and your website is brand new.

Maybe you think your competitors already have a lock on the top spots.

The fact is – search engine rankings change all the time.

Google is always refining their search engine algorithm in an effort to better give searchers the information they are looking for.

And for companies that invest in Tulsa search engine optimization…

…with a professional team of SEO experts

It is absolutely possible for your website to get ranked on the first page of Google AND to move up into the Top 5 spots.

Here’s an example of how search engine optimization helped another one of our small business marketing clients.

For months their website didn’t even show up in Google (even though they had lots of good keywords in place on their website). When our SEO campaign started, Google took notice almost immediately and began boosting their website in its rankings.

Tulsa SEO Campaign Results

Within weeks it began ranking on the first page of Google for moderately competitive keywords. And a few months later it began ranking for highly competitive keywords.

Although first page rankings for competitive keywords could take months to achieve, you might be surprised by how quickly your website can rank for a several local long-tail search terms.

With a consistent SEO plan implemented by an SEO company that knows its stuff, you can beat your competition for the best keyword rankings.

…and double or triple the organic search engine traffic coming to your site.

Huge Benefits of SEO Services

Search engine optimization helps your small business in multiple ways, beyond just increased website traffic.

  • More Keyword Rankings – we will increase the number of keywords for which you rank in Google
  • Higher Rankings in Search Results – we will improve your organic rankings for the keywords that matter most to your business
  • Increased Traffic to Your Website – as rankings improve, you will get more traffic through your website
  • Improved Credibility for Your Company – companies with higher ranked websites are seen as more authoritative and highly credible in their industry
  • More Phone Calls – as more prospects find you through Google, your phone will ring more often
  • More Foot Traffic – locals are looking for companies like yours. When they find your website, they often stop on by
  • High ROI Investment – your investment in SEO content marketing will usually deliver leads for a lower cost than traditional PPC or CPM display advertising
  • A Partner for Growth – our SEO marketing plans also include online marketing guidance to help you determine the best approach to things like social media, paid advertising, directory listings, etc.

Hire an SEO Expert

Credible SEO experts are hard to come by. You are likely bombarded each week by overseas (or out-of-state) offers for SEO. You might even say a few bad words as you hit the DELETE button on these unwelcome messages. On top of that – there are dozens of local SEO companies to choose from.

How do you know which SEO company to hire?

If you are considering a Tulsa search engine optimization company to help improve website rankings, you need to partner with an experienced Tulsa marketing firm that knows not only how to get rankings, but also knows how to get customers.

Visigility is an SEO agency that specializes in messaging, branding and connecting with customers in a meaningful way. And in a way that grows business.

Visigility Wrote The Book

…on Small Business Digital Marketing

We are located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. And we are trusted advisers who meet with our clients face-to-face for Tulsa website and SEO marketing services. Our ideal clients are companies that want to significantly increase Google rankings. As SEO consultants and SEO service providers, we work hard to get to know you and the goals you have for your business, so we can serve you better.

Visigility uses a variety of advanced, proprietary search engine optimization tactics and content marketing techniques to increase rankings for your website. Each of our SEO plans includes:

  • SEO Audit – we perform an SEO checkup to identify SEO ranking factors that need to be addressed
  • Keyword Research – we research the best SEO keywords that offer the biggest bang for your buck
  • Website Optimization – we optimize the pages of your website by refining text & SEO factors that affect rankings
  • Content Marketing – we create new content with highly SEO optimized content that Google will love
  • Off Page SEO – we have an SEO process of tasks that we perform outside of your website to boost rankings
  • Link Building – we strategically build backlinks to your website to boost Google rankings
  • Ongoing SEO – we promote individual pages of your site to get more links and social shares
  • SEO Magic Dust – we’ve got a few things up our sleeve that no one else in Tulsa is doing – but that yield big results

Our SEO and web design services are perfect for small business, startups or growing companies in any industry.

Looking for a more aggressive SEO plan?

We offer advanced SEO packages that incorporate “epic” content, infographics, advanced content promotion and link building tactics to penetrate national markets.

Is your website mobile-friendly? If you don’t have a current web design that looks great on mobile devices, your website traffic numbers could be penalized from Google. Contact us for small business website design services.

Save $100/Mo (Limited Time Offer)

For a select number of businesses, we are offering the RANK or DOMINATE plan for $100 off per month. Just ask us.

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