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We build your site now… and give you 12 months to pay. Visigility sites are developed on a pre-built WordPress theme. Our team customizes the website using color, font, layout, image settings within the theme, providing a customized look without the expense of a custom-coded design.

What you can expect:

  • Hassle-free project – content writing, image editing, page creation done for you. No hidden costs
  • Marketing-friendly design – designed with the goal of generating leads and sales
  • Responsive layout – site adjusts and looks great on desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Ready-to-use website – when we’re finished, you’ll be able to edit the site to your heart’s content
  • Ongoing support – we provide monthly content updates & site maintenance

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Pro Website Scope of Work

The following scopes of work outline the complete list of services Visigility will provide within each package. Work outside the scope of work may require a change order. Please review carefully to make sure you understand the services included. We are excited to partner with you!

Pro 20-30-40-50 Website

  1. Website pages included:
    1. Pro 20 – Visigility will create 16-20  web pages, including home page
    2. Pro 30 – Visigility will create 21-30  web pages, including home page
    3. Pro 40 – Visigility will create 31-40  web pages, including home page
    4. Pro 50 – Visigility will create 41-50 web pages, including home page
  2. We will write text content or optimize client-provided text to be search engine friendly
  3. Included pages are general information pages designed to display text, images and graphics. Advanced page functionality – such as fly-in graphics, slideshows, timers, payment processing, etc. not included in this package
  4. Slideshow with 3-4 images may be included on the website
  5. Photo gallery can be a standalone separate page included on a content page. Initial gallery to include up to 32 photos, but may be added to by client
  6. Privacy Policy and Terms of Service pages also included
  7. Website includes capability for client to add unlimited DIY pages or make small edits by logging in through a browser
  8. Google Analytics & Search Console codes will be installed
  9. Includes 1 hour training to review how to edit your website
  10. Blog setup included with training and content ideas
  11. Social sharing buttons added so visitors can share a page with one click
  12. Plus website may include 1 or 2 advanced website features like countdown timer, calendar, integrated external form
  13. Email signup form will be provided on the home page and in footer of website
  14. Additional web form, such as application, reservation, etc. with extra fields may be added
  15. Multiple email signup forms may be added, including popup, and sidebar signup forms
  16. Includes branding and optimization of (3) social media profiles. If profiles are not yet created, we will create them for you
  17. Maintenance & updates include:
    1. Content updates – we will provide up to 1-1/2 hour per month of small site changes, like adding or editing photos or text. Unused hours are cumulative and do not expire
    2. Quarterly health check – we review and update plugins, software, and other website backend functions to ensure the healthy operation of your website
  18. Visigility hosting provided offsite and includes:
    1. WordPress core file updates
    2. Daily backups
    3. Malware protection
    4. SSL security certificate
    5. Traffic in excess of 150,000 visitors/moth may incur small additional fees
  19. Licenses & third party fees:
    1. Some website themes and plug-ins may require an annual or monthly fee
    2. Visigility covers license fees for the theme and most plug-ins during the term of our agreement
    3. If you have a special request specific to your website, you may be required to cover the cost of third-party licenses
    4. Additional software services outside the website scope, like email marketing services, to be paid by client
    5. Some stock images to be used on the website may require purchase by the client, usually in the range of $10-$50 per image
  20. Ongoing fees:
    1. After the initial term of agreement, client will own the website in accordance with our General Terms & Conditions
    2. A reduced monthly payment will provide ongoing Visigility hosting & support
    3. If client chooses to forego ongoing hosting & support, 3rd party hosting, software, license fees will be the responsibility of client

Client to Provide

  1. Website domain name (www.mybusiness.com)
  2. Information related to the business to help Visigility understand the business, products, values, etc. May be provided by email, brochures, interview, etc.
  3. Photographs of the business, its products and any licensed stock photography that may be requested by client
  4. Testimonials or customer quotes (if applicable)
  5. Digital logo

Payment Plans

  1. Payment plans cover the cost for website development and support
  2. Startup fee is due at time of order
  3. Monthly payments will be processed by automatic draft using credit card or ACH checking account beginning one month after down payment (unless otherwise stated)
  4. At the end of the website package agreement, client will have option to continue hosting and support for a smaller monthly payment


  1. Most website projects are finished in 4-6 weeks
    1. Pro website timelines may vary from 6-12 weeks depending on size and complexity of project
  2. Some projects take longer, depending on the size and complexity of project
  3. Timelines are influenced by timely receipt of information and feedback from client
  4. Extended timelines do not extend payment terms

Setup & Software

  1. Visigility will set up hosting account and install software required to run website
  2. Website will run on WordPress platform, the most popular CMS (content management system) in the world
  3. Plugins extend the functionality of WordPress. We will install all plugins required to run the website
  4. We will add tracking codes to monitor traffic to the website and search engine rankings

Optional – Logo

  1. Includes up to 5 logo concepts
  2. After 1 concept is chosen, includes up to 3 rounds of revisions
  3. Final logo will be delivered in PNG, JPG, and AI (vector) formats

Optional – Photoshoot

  1. A Visigility photoshoot enhances the overall look of the website, as we capture images that showcase your business or products well on the web
  2. Photoshoot prices include local (Tulsa, OK) service area only. If you provide your own photos, we will be happy to offer suggestions about poses, image size, etc.
  3. Visigility photoshoot provides a library of up to 50 images that may be used in the website, social media, or other marketing materials

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Need a bigger website?

Reservation forms, online catalog, PDF downloads, real-time charts, integrations, unlimited possibilities. We will customize a solution for you. Call for details (918) 779-0098.

Additional Services Available

  • E-commerce Website – Add e-commerce to any plan, starting at $250/month*
  • Custom Designed Website – Starting at $800/month*
  • Marketing Servicessee marketing plans

Unless otherwise specified, client to provide: logo, domain, website hosting, SSL certificate (if needed), photos, input on website content

*12 Payments + down payment

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